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praise for the floating world


The Floating World  sounds like nothing else out there today."


“It’s an absolutely gorgeous disc filled with dreamy, lush, expansive tunes, along with a few sparser ones for flavor…The whole album is a classy, dignified, wonderful listen, and you’ll truly be missing out if you don’t pick up this disc, pronto.” – ROCK AND ROLL GLOBE

“A breathtaking album that resonates more with each listen.” 



 “The Floating World finds him on re-energised form and is full of warm-hearted, intelligent adult pop music which easily matches the high standards set by the likes of Wainwright and Costello…it’s an album full of rich and rewarding discoveries.”  – SHINDIG

“Masterwork"....."It’s easy for singer songwriters to get lost in the shuffle, but this one really deserves to be heard.” – DAGGERZINE


"It just makes me want to cry tears of joy."...."about as good as it gets"...."played honestly and with tons of passion. A winning formula"...."It isn’t some watered down version of music . This IS music." – TWANGRI-LA

“I must say that being reminded just how great Rob Laufer is turns out to be one of the most invigorating musical experiences of 2019 so far.” – POWER POP BLOG


“Laufer’s music isn’t the stuff of topical, white-collar power pop.  More to the point, he’s a sophisticated songsmith with musical chops and an arranging acumen that’s anything but everyday.”...."an often stunning introduction" – WILFULLY OBSCURE

"With The Floating World, the portal into the soulfulness of a masterful songwriter and musician is wide open"...."A palpable pulse of rock classicism"...."shimmering pop ethos" 


“From the opening “Avalanche,” those Tom Petty and Beatles influences reveal themselves, an understated song that appears simple on the surface but sees layers peel away and allows unforgettable melodies to push forward.” – L.A. WEEKLY 

“The record (The Floating World)…quickly slips into some of the most compelling songs Laufer has ever committed to tape.  The music swerves in and out of lanes…with hooks and ridiculously beautiful melodies.” – NEUFUTUR

“This album is packed with indelible melodies and inventive arrangements…   The Floating World is one of those kinds of perfect albums that takes up residence on the stereo and never leaves. The record is by turns, graceful, playful and sincere.” – COACHELLA VALLEY WEEKLY

“Undeniably infectious and tinted with Beatles-esque passages while maintaining a thoroughly contemporary sound, it demonstrates Laufer's mastery over the pop song form. In a class of writers that includes Peter Case and Michael Penn, Laufer restores our faith in smart, infectious songs that can make us raise our eyebrows and shed a tear.”  – POP MATTERS

“Avalanche” is a near-perfect opener, with his weary and soulful vocals over a slide guitar and piano melody that’s guaranteed to stick in your head…Highly recommended.”  – POWERPOPAHOLIC


“It’s definite proof that great songs can still be written.  Excellent."...."teeming with catchy songs, often evoking some of indie music’s best; Paul Westerberg, Jeff Buckley and Matthew Sweet." – RACINE COUNTY EYE

“will no doubt compel repeated listenings“...."the more you look the more you see" – ALL ABOUT JAZZ


“The songs are brightly constructed.  Clever lyrics, no heavy clichés, not long-winded and has hummable melodies.”



“The Floating World is a well-crafted collection of smart modern compositions that will surely stand the test of time.” – BABY SUE


“Laufer crafted the power pop and alt-folk songs on The Floating World with precision, passion and vision.”  – THE BIG TAKEOVER


“Laufer’s penchant for lush arrangements is well known, but the punchier numbers like “Highway Machine” and “Hippie Love” really stand out.”  – COLORADO SPRINGS INDEPENDENT


“Laufer delivers sublime power pop and folk via The Floating World…The result is highly melodic, lush music that ranges from pop to power folk and soft, bouncy rock n’ roll.” – GLIDE MAGAZINE


“With a vocal that occasionally brings to mind a cross between Elvis Costello and James Taylor, he creates songs with a distinct allure, all enhanced by a series of beguiling arrangements…Those who savour an easily accessible sound ought to find Floating World a pop perfect destination all its own.”  – GOLDMINE

“Singer/songwriter Rob Laufer…shown here in an intimate and casual mood, carrying on the tradition of like minded artists like vintage Neil Young or Cat Stevens…A throwback to nights at McCabes.” – JAZZ WEEKLY

 “Hearkening back to the first wave of singer-songwriters, Laufer’s album presents a suite of songs that are heavy on lyrics – good ones; so good they’re worth reading along while you listen – backed by supremely tasteful instrumental accompaniment.”



“Taking a break from his music director gig for the Wild Honey Orchestra’s starry benefit concerts, the thoughtful tunesmith delivers a smartly crafted, nicely produced collection of pop-rockers and ballads. Hooks are strong and melodies hummable…” 



“There is a sensitive spark on songs and structure within Rob Laufer’s voice and original compositions.... Smart, stylish and soothing, his work presents him as a first-class troubadour, transforming time with his talent. “ – RAGE MONTHLY


“A brightness beams from The Floating World, the songs of Rob Laufer bursts of Rock ‘n’ Roll Pop sunshine…”  – THE ALTERNATE ROOT


“This is the first solo album in nine years from the L.A.-based Rob Laufer. Writer’s block is the apparent explanation for the long break, during which he worked as a producer, a sideman, and a musical director of a series of benefit concerts. But the block is clearly over, as you can hear on this atmospheric and eminently playable collection of well-hooked pop-rockers.”


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